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Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, time passes, we lose confidence in our ability to do day to day things, such as going out to the shops, visiting friends, joining hobby groups. Grow your confidence by building it slowly with a plan that suits not only your physical ability but helps restore your cognitive ability. From balance issues to sitting up at a dining table, some people are trapped in their own homes wishing they had the confidence to go out and be part of the outside world. 

My 1-2-1 service is available for clients who are at the beginning of their journey. It is Phase 1 of recovery and rehabiliation, helping you gain confidence in your ability to join classes, groups or activities that suit your interests.  You receive a personalised plan, motivational techniques and confidence boosting rewards. Other services are also available within this plan, such as Touch for Health Kinesiology, which will help you improve performance and promotes health and wellbeing.  Then when you are ready, I can help you source local groups, classes or activities that you will enjoy outside of the home environment.

The programme includes tasks to do at home, as well as accompanied exercise slots.  All with the aim to boost your confidence with practical solutions to help you improve your quality of life. (Long term retainer rates are available)

"Kate is a fantastic teacher and delivers her classes in a very positive and encouraging way but that is also very relaxed and friendly. She spends time with all the people taking part in the class and coaches their form in a brilliantly simple way that encourages you to think about what you're doing rather than just doing what you're told. The challenge of the class is pitched perfectly so as to not be too hard but still put you through your paces."  Ed, Pilates client

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