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Complementary Therapies

Offering a range of complementary therapies, from reflexology to massage can provide a client with choice.  Finding the right therapy for you and understanding your needs at that time will be part of your free consultation.  Some clients haven't experienced any therapies, but a complete review can help you decide what is best for you at that time.  Some clients have a mixture of therapies over a course of treatments - it is all dependent on what they need at the time, whether it be stimulation or relaxation.  


Massage  -  Reflexology  -   Reiki  

Rehabilitation Classes - Physical Therapy

A range of classes, supporting all levels of ability are running in North Somerset.  From cancer rehabilitation, fibromyalgia and other long term and short term illnesses, the classes are tailored to you and your needs.  Once clients feel that they can progress, I run a range of more advanced classes that again are tailored to suit the needs of participants.  If you feel you are not ready for a class environment, I offer a 1-2-1 service to help you build your confidence and understand your body better.


Cancer Rehabilitation  -  Fibromyalgia  -  1-2-1

TLC - Tender Loving Care

This service offers a long term approach to helping people with short and long term conditions.  Providing clients with choice on how they want to be supported is important to me and to my clients.  Flexibility is required in my approach, as is a high level of trust.  Involving other practioners and being able to sign post clients to other supporting groups is equally important.  


Complimentary Therapies  -  Holistic Review & Plan  -  Signposting and Support

Specialist Groups, Charities & Health Professionals

I work with specialists groups, predominently working with supporting charities, providing classes, courses and 1-2-1 support for clients with specific needs and a range of abilities. I also provide talks on health and wellbeing to groups, charities and business organisations.  Learn more....


Courses  -  Talks  -  Ethical Policy

Pricing Structure

All therapies are set at £45 per hour or £25 per half an hour.   Within this price you receive a full consultation (always add on at least 15 minutes to your first treatment!), a therapy of choice and lots of aftercare. 

What difference does the aftercare make?   You can really benefit from the healing and rehabilitation process by being provided with exercises, stretches or advice best suited to you with the experience I have built up over the years, helping you take control to optimise your wellbeing.


TLC Club

I run a club called TLC which helps clients with long term conditions and their main carers have access to treatments at a reduced rate of £30 per hour.     Clients are referred to the club by charities and/or health professionals.  For those who are in receipt of benefits in need of therapy there is also an additional discount. 

YouTube Channel

Click here to access the My Simple Steps YouTube channel to access tutorials and testimonials.

"I've been going to Kate's classes for several months. During this time I have increased my flexibility, recovered from a sprained ankle and discovered my core! Brilliant class and the combination of exercises has been really challenging yet achievable:)"  Caroline, Pilates client

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