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Cancer Rehabilitation


There are currently 2 classes running - one in Portishead and one in Clevedon.  These classes are well attended and have a range of clients who are all at different stages of their cancer journey.  It is supportive, fun and full of benefits, not only physically but mentally.  The classes are subsidised for the first 12 sessions by Macmillan Cancer Support for all who attend.  A full review of your current health and wellbeing will be completed, so that we both know what your starting point is.  You will then receive an individual programme that suits both your current ability and your goals.

See "Diary" to find out when classes are running.


"Kate is professional, inspirational, dedicated, perceptive, generous, kind and supportive.  The exercise programme is individually tailored to an extraordinary extent.  Everyone can benefit, no matter what their experience or ability."  Brian, Cancer Rehabilitation

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