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Complementary Therapies 


Complementary therapies concentrate on boosting relaxation and reducing stress, relieving anxiety and increasing your general sense of health and well being.  Clients get a lot of comfort and satisfaction from the touch, talk and time that a complementary therapist offers.

There may more than one reason a client chooses complementary therapy, always try different styles of therapy as some may suit you better than others. Ask for a full description of what you are going to receive and how it will make you feel.  Make sure you are comfortable with the therapy you decide to choose.  If you would like to try a sample session, just ask for a 15/20 minute short session to see if you like it.

Some of the reasons for using complementary therapies include:

  • Achieving and maintaining balanced health and wellbeing
  • The desire to receive healthcare that treats the whole person and not just their symptoms.
  • Taking charge of your own health and medical problems
  • Helping you boost your potential
  • Giving you choice


Massage  -  Reflexology  -  Reiki  





"We all go away at the end of the session felling alive.  I have been able to return to work - thanks for the chance to feel better"

Alan, Lung Cancer

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