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I have been receiving treatment from Kate for a few months now. I was diagnosed with Willis Ekbom Disease (Restless Leg Syndrome) back in October 2017. Something which sounds quite trivial can be pretty torturous and I get the pains and sensations in my legs, arms and parts of my torso on a daily basis. Its been difficult learning to live with but Kate has been an absolute angel in helping with the symptoms. Her treatments form part of the plan I have in place to tackle the disease and Kate works closely with me. I love the way Kate understands the medications I've been taking without judgement and works in a complimentary way to help with the symptoms. She is very informed and executes all of the treatments in a professional but compassionate and understanding way. Looking forward to my next treatment often gets me through some tough days. I honestly can't recommend Kate highly enough and I would be a bit lost without her treatments and guidance. RC, TLC Club

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