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Listen, Learn, Love, Live

Why Listen, Learn, Love, Live? 

We have to listen to what our body and mind is saying, learn about how we can support it, love what we have, then we can live!  Sounds simple doesn't it.... it can be, but when we are in the middle of a storm - an chronic illness, a life long condition or even just life, it gets a lot more difficult.  Learning what our body can do, what signals it sends us and just tuning in is so important.  

Holistic Review & Plans

That title is a bit formal for what I call the "Selection Box"!  

The "Selection Box" provides choice and allows clients to choose different therapies and/or activities to suit their needs at a certain point in time.  

People who are already benefitting from this service have described the process as a partnership.  We discuss what you require and I provide suggestions and options that will suit you and your need.  Below is the reaction from one of my first "Selection Box" clients......

"Omg Kate, this is fabulous, I love it, no one has ever done anything like this for me and it is just what I wanted." 

Long Term Conditions

When you have a long term chronic condition, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to turn.   I have a wide range of experience of working with chronic conditions and have had the privilege of working with a diverse selection of clients.  I will work with your permission with your Health Care Professional Team to ensure your therapies fit with your treatment and support plan.  With a selection of therapies I can provide support and relief from a range of symptoms.

Therapies that can support you


Lymphatic Support (RLD/MLD)

Neuro Muscular Release (Emmett Technique)


Myofascial Release

Kinesio Taping



Physical Therapy Advice


If you have any questions with regards to individual therapies, please click on the therapy for a brief overview.  If you have more specific questions on how these therapies can support you, then please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

Palliative care is also available with all the above therapies.  Please contact me to discuss how I can help support you or a loved one. 

Talks and Training

I provide talks and training sessions for charities to help their clients undestand how they can support themselves.  From Self Management for Lymphoedema to Building Confidence after Cancer Diagnosis. 

Signposting and Support

If you have queries or requirements that are outside of my area of expertise, then I will happily signpost you to organisations and/or professionals in the area that can help you. I work with other health care professionals to ensure you have a holistic approach to your treatments and support.


Why I do what I do.....

"I have been receiving treatment from Kate for a few months now. I was diagnosed with Willis Ekbom Disease (Restless Leg Syndrome) back in October 2017. Something which sounds quite trivial can be pretty torturous and I get the pains and sensations in my legs, arms and parts of my torso on a daily basis. Its been difficult learning to live with but Kate has been an absolute angel in helping with the symptoms. Her treatments form part of the plan I have in place to tackle the disease and Kate works closely with me. I love the way Kate understands the medications I've been taking without judgement and works in a complimentary way to help with the symptoms. She is very informed and executes all of the treatments in a professional but compassionate and understanding way. Looking forward to my next treatment often gets me through some tough days. I honestly can't recommend Kate highly enough and I would be a bit lost without her treatments and guidance" - RC, TLC Club

"Improvement in my poise, muscle power, wrist strength, balance and much more confident...... improved my overall outlook on life and can now carry out little jobs on our garden and around our flat"  Alan, cancer patient

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