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Scar Therapy


Scars... it is incredible how much they affect us physically and mentally.  Scar Therapy can help support a persons recovery.  Even years down the line.  Gentle techniques that allow the skin to move.  I have had the priviledge to learn with one of the top educators and therapists in Scar Therapy, Emma Holly of Restore Therapy.  Sharing her expertise to ensure the therapists training under her have the skills and knowledge to support people with scars. 

How can Scar Therapy support me?

Scar Therapy can reduce sensitivity, pain and itching.  It can help restricted mobility by encouraging mobility through the layers of skin.  The therapy can stimilulate and boost healing.  I understand the impact of scars both physically and emotionally and it is important to recognise that we need to support your emotional wellbeing as well as the physical aspects. 

Does Scar Therapy hurt?

The methods used are very gentle and we are constantly checking for your feedback to ensure we don't overstimulate the area being treated.  There will be a healing response but this shouldn't be painful. 

How can I help myself?

As a therapist, I feel self management is key to recovery.  Therefore I will provide you with methods to support yourself at home.  I will also provide you with information regarding skin care to support your healing journey.   I can support you prior to surgery as well as post surgery.  Preparing for surgery can really increase the speed of healing.  Getting to know your body is also vitally important.  Go to my Listen, Learn, Live, Love page to find out more.

Scars aren't just skin level....


"Kate and scar massage has helped me to accept and come to terms with my changed body.  It has given me the confidence to trust in myself, to promote healing and to learn what my new normal is.  The time and space offered during the sessions gave me to opportunity to reflect and start moving forward in healing more than the scars alone."  EB, Scar Therapy Client


It is just simply amazing.  The work Kate has done on my mastectomy scars and lymphoedema is truly remarkable. Kate even sort out tightness in my hamstrings and lower back in minutes.  All in one session.  She is so knowledgable and works with such gentleness and compassion.  MB, Cancer Rehabilitation Client

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