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Services & pricing...

Complementary Therapies

Offering a range of complementary therapies, from reflexology to massage can provide a client with choice.  Finding the right therapy for you and understanding your needs at that time will be part of your free consultation.  Some clients haven't experienced any therapies, but a complete review can help you decide what is best for you at that time.  Some clients have a mixture of therapies over a course of treatments - it is all dependent on what they need at the time, whether it be stimulation or relaxation.  

Massage  -  Reflexology  -   Reiki  

Lymphoedema Support

How do I manage my lymphoedema at home?  I can provide expertise in management through movement, self drainage massage, meditation and other self help advice.  

Listen, Learn, Love, Live

From talks to individual support packages.   I can teach you how to listen to your body and mind, learn how to live with whatever comes your way, love the way you are now and get to live your best life!  

Complimentary Therapies  -  Holistic Review & Plan  -  Signposting and Support

Rehabilition & Active Lifestyle

Bringing classes and individual support to the community.  Clients with long term and chronic conditions can be active, everyone is provided with individual exercises, stretches or just movement ideas to help them become more active.  Whether it be dancing, walking, tai chi, a plan that suits you will benefit you.  If you like it you will do it, simple!

Pricing Structure

All therapies are set at £45 per hour or £25 per half an hour.   Within this price you receive a full consultation (always add on at least 15 minutes to your first treatment!), a therapy of choice and lots of aftercare. 

What difference does the aftercare make?   You can really benefit from the healing and rehabilitation process by being provided with exercises, stretches or advice best suited to you with the experience I have built up over the years, helping you take control to optimise your wellbeing.

YouTube Channel

Click here to access the My Simple Steps YouTube channel to access tutorials and testimonials.

"Joining Kate's class following cancer treatment was the best thing I did.  I'm fitter, my balance has improved also my confidence and the group is fun and supportive"  Barbara, Cancer Rehabilitation

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