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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy


Injuries, accidents, incidents …. Life happens.  Sometimes we just need a helping hand to get back on track.  If restriction of movement or a physical trauma is hindering your day to day life, then a range of therapies can help you gain back your freedom and confidence.  I am happy to work with your Health Care Professional Team to ensure your treatment plan is tailored to your needs.   It really doesn’t matter if the accident was years ago, if it still affects your movement then it will be affecting your day to day life.

Therapies that can support you


Neuro Muscular Release (Emmett Technique)


Myofascial Release

Kinesio Taping


Physical Therapy Advice


If you have any questions with regards to individual therapies, please click on the therapy for a brief overview.  If you have more specific questions on how these therapies can support you, then please contact me to discuss your individual requirements. 




"Well in terms of training, I thought Kate used really innovative ways that were easily accessible and kept me interested and motivated throughout. I could do most of the exercises in the home and the programme set was achievable yet challenging and I found that it fitted around my lifestyle. The exercises were specifically targeted at my right hip which was weak due to an operation I had on it when I was 14. By the end of the programme I found that I could hold myself up on a pole dancing pole by my thighs alone which I could not do before I started to train with Kate"

Asia, Hip injury    

"We all go away at the end of the session felling alive.  I have been able to return to work - thanks for the chance to feel better"

Alan, Lung Cancer

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