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Not only exercise but a group support session!  This challenging condition has so many layers, it has been a challenge to understand. By working closely with the North Somerset Fibromyalgia Group, I have now set up a weekly class to help their members enjoy exercise tailored to each individual in a highly supervised environment.

Every attendee has their own programme and this is always adjusted if circumstances are different on that day.  Every Fibromyalgia sufferer understands "bad days" and "better days"!  Working with that in mind, if an attendee is having a "bad day" or a "better day" their programme is adjusted accordingly. 

See "Diary" to find out when classes are running.

Group Contacts   ( Chair ) Beth Tel 0844 887 2404 E Mail swfibro@yahoo.co.UK  Or Julia  Tel 0844 887 2405


"During my treatment for Cancer, Kate helped me to adopt a positive attitude for the future.  At the end of the treatment I had put on a lot of weight and my mobility was very poor.  Through her advice and support she taught me how to exercise and move, which enabled me to do everyday things like reach to high cupboards and get out of a chair without support from my arms.  It was tailor made to suit my needs.  I now walk quicker and more confidently despite having lost feeling in my feet, as a result of chemotherapy.  Kate was really encouraging and my confidence was boosted in everything I do.  I am really grateful.  I hope I will be able to use her services again to improve my life even further.

Lynda (Ovarian Cancer)

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